4 leads 3 at Paynehurst

Small but mighty PAX today:  Mad Bum, Aruba and Quatro

QIC:  Quatro

Workout:  Warm up lap, 50 IC SSH, 10 IC windmills, 10 IC imperial walkers, 12 IC arm circles-flap jack.

Set up stations across the field:  first stop 1 rep, all the way to 10 reps at the final station.  Did this ladder several times through the workout with Burpees, Up Downs (and attempt for easier burpees, but except for no jump at the end, didn’t feel much different at all from a normal Burpee), 4 count American Hammers, IC SSH.   Ran the ladder 4 times.  Mixed throughout the ladder, we did runs to the end of the field and back where we mixed in ab exercises and more cardio.  PAX didn’t stop, except for the occasional 10 count (or when the Q needed to catch his breath to count).  A little broga at the end to stretch out.

Summary:   Strong work by all PAX today.  Thanks for the accountability and helping me push myself today Aruba and MadBum.

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed to have thought up a Q and only have 2 other F3 brothers show up.  However, the PAX got beat up by Sprocket yesterday, it did rain last night, and there is a local run tonight that some PAX are doing;  so maybe it just wan’t in the cards for a more normal PAX turnout today.  However, the low number also made me thankful.  It reminded me of almost 4 years ago when we were just starting this thing called F3.  Back then at the beginning of F3 Sandhills, PAX numbers of 3-5 were the norm for some of those early workouts.  I am so thankful that our local F3 Sandhills brotherhood has grown so much that a low PAX number is the exception now and that this awesome brotherhood is growing in the Sandhills!

Good luck to all our PAX running tonight and raising money for Friend to Friend.

I look forward to next time in the gloom!