2020 F3 Sandhills IronPax Challenge Pre-Blast

Iron Pax Challenge Week 0 (Doesn’t count)

You asked for it and we answered.  The often imitated, never duplicated 2020 IronPax Challenge is here.

OK – none of the Sandhills Pax actually asked for this ….

and I didn’t answer, I just stolt it ….

I’m not sure if anyone has ever imitated this ….

And how could they duplicate something that hasn’t actually happened yet?

So the self-proclaimed greatest athletic competition is the Ultraverse, drawing the likes of Gingineers, Machinists, Lawyers, Doctors, and all kinds of men who double as Olympic athletes.

Get registered now:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScT0tyVXGCzNPX0Fpwd-MSbeEiWaoGfzT-1SeVbFW0bjaqQmg/viewform

On the following Sundays (8/30, 9/6, 9/13, 9/20), a new workout will be announced on Twitter – @F3IronPax – that is to be completed during the following week. Written instructions as well as a video will be provided to eliminate any potential inconsistencies / misunderstandings.

This week, Week 0, is just to get folks familiar with the process and allow F3 Greenwood to “Iron out” (See what I did there?) any kinks in the data gathering process. F3 Sandhills will do this workout on 8/25 at the Outpost AND IT WILL NOT COUNT in the overall scoring.  Let me be clear, you WILL submit this Tuesday’s score and IT WON’T COUNT.  If you still don’t understand talk to Sprocket ’cause you need someone that is spiritual and has a grace-filled presence.

The challenge for F3 Sandhills will occur each Tuesday at the Outpost, 9/01, 9/8, 9/15, 9/22.

After completing the workout each pax member will enter your own score at F3Greenwood.com, where a weekly ranking and overall ranking leaderboard will be displayed.  At the end of September, after all four weeks are complete, the Pax with the highest cumulative score will be named the F3Nation’s IronPax and showered with accolades.  For those of us in F3 Sandhills; frivolity, poking fun, encouragement and laughter will be had…that’s who we are.  Yes, we will get some great workouts and we will each try our best.

Reminder 1: All workouts will be designed so that ALL pax can finish, even if modification is necessary. Pull-ups, for example, can be modified to jumping pull-ups or rows. Scoring will take care of itself as these movements will likely yield a slower time.

Reminder 2: This is a self-policing event.  If you need help counting, for there are many of us who lose count on our Burpees, squats, Merkins, etc. on a regular basis ask for a proctor.  No….you don’t need MadBum or Neo to do that….they are not Proctologists. Not saying that anyone would knowingly submit a false time/score. We are better than that!!

F3Greenwood requests a video if you think you’ll be top 10.  So….no video equipment will be required at F3 Sandhills 😉

As described in the video, the Week 0 workout is 4 Rounds for time:

50 Air Squats
40 Big Boy Situps
30 Merkins
20 Bonnie Blairs
10 Burpees
400 Meter Run

Video may be found by clicking on the following link: Exercise Demonstrations


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